Vivonta Green Tech Consultants

Vivonta Green Tech Consultants

Uncover the story behind Vivonta—our roots, team, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing plantation consultancy sustainably.


Our Story

Vivonta's journey began almost 40 years ago with a clear vision, evolving gradually into its present form with numerous milestones along the way. Recognizing plantations as distinct entities within a country, we understand the multispectral competencies needed for their sustainability. Our primary focus is on achieving a competitive advantage for the main commercial crops through a comprehensive value chain approach.

Our expert panel possesses in-depth knowledge, addressing individual needs within the plantation agriculture value chain, strategizing to make the dreams of our Agripreneurs, come true. We believe that there is a burning need to address per capita income issues for attracting and retention of the talent pool. We are adaptable, bringing in new expertise to meet emerging needs. Considering land and soil as primary assets, we emphasize enriching them while selecting crops and cropping systems with climate change in mind. Understanding the power of photosynthesis and adopting regenerative agriculture under improved leadership is crucial.

We believe in holistic employee engagement, from owners to daily-paid workers, linked to transparent achievement of key result areas in Human Resources Management. Real-time Decision Support Systems covering PESTEL factors externally ensure comprehensive information gathering. Vivonta aims not only to assist plantation entrepreneurs but also to contribute to transforming Sri Lanka. Our team is committed to sustainability and competitive advantage, fostering pride and innovation within the sector. We invite outstanding leaders to showcase their work on our public gallery, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.


Company Logo

Vivonta Green Tech Consultants' logo embodies a holistic representation of its ethos. The green leaf signifies the company's dedication to agriculture, enhanced by a technological grid for advanced processes. Three plants emphasize 'Multicropping,' optimizing sunlight harvesting for maximum yield. A rainbow element reflects the nuanced impact of sunlight hues, showcasing the commitment to year-round growth. The logo depicts rainwater percolation, highlighting the importance of underground reservoirs in climate change mitigation. The Wi-Fi symbol symbolizes digitalization and AI integration, demonstrating a forward-thinking stance in agricultural technology. Harmonizing nature and technology, the logo conveys Vivonta's mission, using a green palette for sustainability and growth. The typography complements the design, resulting in a visually appealing and professionally crafted logo.


Company Background

Vivonta Green Tech Consultants Pvt Ltd (Business Registration No. (B.R.No.): PV00268369) was founded on December 21, 2022, under the legal governance of the Companies Act No. 7 of 2007, with the visionary leadership of an esteemed group of professionals.