Our Business Model

Our Business Model
Obtaining our services

As a potential client, you have the opportunity to collaborate with Vivonta Consultants to revitalize your operations. Our process is efficient and transparent:

  • Sending the Requirement: Share your needs through our inquiry form.
  • Contact and Information Gathering: Our team will reach out to you for further details.
  • TOR Collection: We will collect the Terms of Reference using our standardized format.
  • Proposal and Pricing: A detailed proposal and pricing structure will be presented.
  • Engagement Contract: Upon agreement, a formal contract will be signed.
  • Progress Review: We will regularly review the progress with you.
  • Final Payment and Closure: Upon completion, the final payment will be collected, and the project will be closed.


Act Now:

We recognize the urgency of addressing the challenges faced by the Sri Lankan plantation sector. To expedite the process, Vivonta Consultants is offering a platform on our website for selected consultants, free of charge. This extends to service providers and supply chain experts as well.