Brief introduction

Vivonta Green Tech Consultants (Private) Limited is your trusted partner in achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the realm of plantation agriculture. Specializing in providing comprehensive value chain services, we cater to individuals and organizations interested in establishing or managing plantation agri-businesses in Sri Lanka, as well as those with land-based investments. Our dedicated team, boasting a proven track record of success, is ready to assist local and international agricultural entrepreneurs. Whether you seek professional guidance to enhance your estate or plantation assets, Vivonta stands ready to assist. What sets us apart is our commitment to being a one-stop-shop for all your plantation Agri value chain needs, offering a unique array of services. Connect with us through the "Contact Us" form on our website for a prompt and confidential response. Experience the Vivonta difference today as we work together to shape the future of sustainable agriculture.

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Vision Statement

"At Vivonta, we envision empowering the plantation agriculture sector in Sri Lanka to attain global excellence in plantations by leveraging competitive advantages."

Mission statement

"We commit to excellence in plantation agriculture through a value chain approach, self-management, and ongoing operational excellence assessments."

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Vivonta leads the way in sustainable plantation agriculture with a focus on purposeful value chain management. Our commitment extends to creating an empowering environment for employees, fostering a pleasurable experience where they can recognize and maximize their value and potential.

Seven Strategic Consulting Services


Boosting Economic Growth in plantation agriculture

Advisory services focused on driving economic growth in the plantation agriculture sector. We optimize core values and supply chains, develop project proposals, conduct investment appraisals, create budgets, plan farms, offer landscape solutions, and provide training and coaching. Our services cater to smallholders, RPC segments, and both local and foreign Agripreneurs. Additionally, we facilitate global trading partnerships

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Nature-Focused Tourism Development

Consulting services specializing in Plantation Eco-Tourism, guiding clients through the entire process from conceptualization to operationalization of various tourism promotional business opportunities.

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Agriculture Knowledge and Insights

Consulting services for Plantation Management Research, fostering innovation, sustainability, and growth by providing strategic insights and expert guidance. Emphasizing growth, we conduct visit reports to enhance overall effectiveness

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Comprehensive Legal Support Services

Complete legal solutions guaranteeing compliance, protection, and strategic guidance, fostering a secure and flourishing business environment

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Strategic Decision-Making Experts

Informed choices and impactful outcomes guided by expert lobbying, empowering strategic decision-making amidst complexities

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Complete Digital Agriculture Solutions

Nurturing digital solutions to enhance real-time information and efficiency, promoting sustainable growth and success in our interconnected world

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Connecting Minds Globally through Education

Fostering knowledge, diversity, and excellence, our Global Educational 

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