Mr. Dyan Seneviratne

Mr. Dyan Seneviratne

Dyan Seneviratne is a distinguished figure in the realm of plantation agriculture, renowned for his extensive expertise and value chain capabilities. Selected by the World Bank in 2017 to join the 'Expert Panel,' he played a pivotal role in identifying and advising on the multifaceted challenges faced by RPC plantations. As a Visiting Agent appointed by the Ministry of Plantation Industries, he meticulously examined large commercial plantations in 2016, showcasing his commitment to the industry.

Having previously served as Visiting Agent for 15 SLSPC Plantations, circa 1979-1987, Dyan demonstrated a creative outlook that significantly contributed to shaping macro and micro decision-making policies in plantations. Presently, he continues as a Visiting Agent for privately run tea properties, ensuring proprietors receive a comprehensive understanding of their plantations, coupled with actionable solutions.

Dyan's illustrious career spans over four decades, during which he served as Chairman of three Regional Scientific Committees and as General Manager at Kahawatte RPC. His leadership at prominent tea plantations, including Diyagama West, Agarapatna, and Hapugastenne, was marked by record-breaking yields and the introduction of 'Champion Fields,' revolutionizing productivity without exploiting the workforce.

With a commitment to education, Dyan achieved certificates in Training & Development from RMIT and International Strategy & Competitiveness from Victoria University of Technology. As a visiting lecturer at the National Institute of Planting (NIPM), he continues to share his wealth of knowledge.

Dyan's contributions extend beyond the field, evidenced by his role as Chairman of GreenMan Natural (Pvt) Ltd, focusing on organic solutions for soil fertility and crop health. His engagement with CMS Colleges underscores his dedication to fostering equal opportunities and unity through English education.

In the latest Dilmah publication on Tea, titled "Wisdom in the Leaf," Dyan authored five well-received articles, showcasing his expertise in land management, nursery practices, planting, weed management, and human resources.

As a dynamic force in the agriculture sector and beyond, Dyan Seneviratne remains a visionary leader, contributing significantly to the sustainable development of Sri Lanka's plantation industry.

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Dyan Seneviratne interviewed by David Colin-Thome of History of Ceylon Tea

Mr. Dyan Seneviratne