Support Services

The support services for the Plantation core value chain

Welcome to the vibrant world of Vivonta, where the heart of Plantation Agri Business beats with resilience, sustainability, and unparalleled competitiveness. Our support services form the backbone of the Plantation core value chain in Sri Lanka, paving the way for a flourishing industry.

Research and Development:
Embark on a journey of innovation with our Plantation Crop Research Institutes. Delve into cutting-edge research, discovering improved varieties, cultivation techniques, and processing methods. Our Agricultural Extension Services empower farmers with insights into best practices and the latest technologies, ensuring the growth of Plantation Agri Business.

Education and Training:
Nurture skills and expertise at our Agricultural Training Centers, where programs on cultivation, harvesting, and processing techniques empower Plantation Agri Business workers. Collaborate with Educational Institutions to mold future professionals, shaping the industry through formal education in agriculture and agronomy.

Infrastructure Development:
Experience seamless operations with our robust infrastructure support. We optimize transportation for efficient movement, while our storage facilities ensure the safekeeping of bulk Plantation Agri products before packaging and distribution.

Financial Services:
Unlock the potential of your Plantation Agri Business with our comprehensive financial services. From credit facilities for entrepreneurs and small farmers to insurance products safeguarding against risks, we fuel growth and prosperity.

Government Support and Regulations:
Advocate for change with our Policy Support initiatives, lobbying for industry-friendly policies and regulations. Explore new horizons with Research Funding opportunities, fostering innovation in the Plantation Agri Business sector.

Certification Bodies:
Stand out in the global market with certifications from our recognized Certification Agencies. Achieve international standards, be it organic, FSC, or fair-trade, showcasing your commitment to excellence.

Technology and Innovation:
Embrace the future with our Technology Providers, offering cutting-edge solutions from harvesting machinery to digital tools for farm management. Join Tech Incubators, where startups and entrepreneurs thrive in developing groundbreaking technology for the industry.

Market Information and Intelligence:
Stay ahead of the curve with insights from Market Research Agencies. Access global trends, consumer preferences, and competitive analysis, while our Market Access Support opens doors to international markets.

Environmental and Social Organizations:
Champion sustainability with collaborations with NGOs and Environmental Groups. Contribute to the well-being of local communities through Social Responsibility Programs, making a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Industry Associations and Networking:
Forge connections and share knowledge through our Plantation Agri Business Industry Associations. Join us at Trade Shows and Conferences, where networking opportunities abound, and innovative products take center stage.


At Vivonta, we believe that collaboration and coordination among these services and stakeholders are the keys to the success and growth of the Plantation Agri Business industry. Join us on this exciting journey, where every element converges to create a thriving and dynamic future for Plantation Agri Business in Sri Lanka.